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At Sunshine Smiles, we believe your smile journey should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer a variety of clear aligner options, including the well-known Invisalign and Spark brands, alongside our very own Sunshine Smiles Aligners!

This diverse selection of invisible aligners allows us to tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you achieve the beautiful, confident smile you’ve always dreamed of. We even offer Virtual Distance Monitoring for all our aligner options, allowing for convenient weekly check-ins no matter your location.

Getting the best invisible aligners in Kingston and Rhinebeck, NY has never been easier with Sunshine Smiles. Schedule an appointment today to see if clear aligners are right for you! 

What Are Clear Aligners 
and How Do They Straighten Teeth

What Are Clear Aligners
and How Do They Straighten Teeth?

Embrace a confident smile with clear aligners! Unlike traditional braces, these innovative treatments use clear, custom-made trays that gently shift your teeth into their ideal positions over time. Plus, they are removable, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, as well as brush your teeth with ease!

Each set of aligners is worn for one to two weeks before you seamlessly switch to the next set, gradually transforming your smile week by week. It’s important to note that aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours a day for maximum effectiveness!

With clear aligners, you can also say goodbye to messy impressions! Instead, we’ll use our state-of-the-art scanner to capture a digital image of your teeth, which allows us to tailor a personalized treatment plan designed for your unique smile journey.

Clear Aligner Treatments
Available at Sunshine Smiles

Clear aligner treatments offer a discreet and comfortable path to a confident smile.

Dive deeper to discover how our clear aligner treatment options can transform smiles at any stage of life!

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Sunshine Smiles
Clear Aligners

For an unparalleled smile transformation, look no further than Sunshine Smiles Aligners. Crafted in our in-house lab using 3D printing and AI technology, these virtually invisible aligners offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and precision. Experience the Sunshine Smiles difference with flexible payment options, readily available refinements, and a faster path to your dream smile.

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Invisible Aligners

Pioneering the clear aligner revolution over two decades ago, Invisalign continues to lead the way with innovative technology and lasting results. Dr. Mansour is an Elite Invisalign provider dedicated to harnessing Invisalign’s power to help you achieve your dream smile!

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Spark Clear Aligners

Crafted with innovative technology, Spark Aligners prioritize both comfort and discretion. These nearly invisible braces, favored for their superior clarity and wearability, can address a wide range of orthodontic concerns in both adults and children.

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Ready to embark on your smile journey? Dr. Mansour and our team of dedicated professionals are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you choose Invisalign, Spark, or our very own Sunshine Smiles Aligners, rest assured you’ll receive exceptional care and unparalleled expertise.

So if you’re looking for the best clear aligners in Kingston and Rhinebeck, NY, schedule a consultation today and discover how Sunshine Smiles can transform your smile!