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We proudly provide pediatric dentistry services to children of all ages in Rhinebeck and the surrounding communities.




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Specialized Dentistry for Ages 0-18

Specialized dental care supports your child to learn as they grow, so they can become independent and skilled at taking care of their own teeth as they age up.

Having the best experience possible in the dentist chair, whether an exam, a dental cleaning, or a procedure to get your child healthy and smiling big has benefits that last a lifetime! When children have positive, early experiences at the dentist, they are more relaxed during future visits and are more open to getting help when they need it throughout their life.

Dr. Sung, our Pediatric Dentist, brings an intelligent, balanced approach and attitude. She is known for her steadiness and ability to provide well thought out, reasonable recommendations and treatment plans. She has extensive training and experience treating children with special needs and circumstances safely and comfortably.

Different stages of your child's development require Dr. Sung to be looking out for different things. Whether it's structural or habitual, we can prevent and treat problems with care. If your child does develop an issue, we can help support making dental work less stressful, expensive, and painful by being proactive and protective now.  When your child is being seen regularly, the benefits to their oral health and cost savings to you are undeniable.

Sunshine Smiles strives to educate parents and caretakers, not talk "at" them. We understand that it's not easy on parents to experience their child having dental procedures. We help you through each stage of development of your child's mouth and welcome all questions about your child's dental journey. No question is too silly or crazy. Ask away!

The more confident you feel, the more confident your child will feel. Sometimes we must be brave at the dentist. That could mean while your child is handling dentistry like a champ, we may be holding Mom or Dad's hand. We've got you! We are here the whole way and for your whole family.



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