Clear Aligners: Clearly made for Living Your Best Life!

Clear braces, also referred to as clear aligners make chewing, cleaning and creating photo ops awesome! If you or your child is a candidate for clear braces, Sunshine Smiles is your expert. Different brands of clear aligners work best for different circumstances to get you the beautiful smile results you deserve. That’s exactly why we work with multiple brands, including the well-known Invisalign and Spark brands alongside our own Sunshine Smiles Aligners brand developed by Dr. Mansour himself and produced in his in-house lab! Which one is best for you can only be determined by Dr. Mansour’s level of education, expertise and experience, so schedule your free consultation today.

Sunshine Smiles Clear Aligners

Using unmatched expertise, innovative 3D printing and artificial intelligence, Dr. Mansour brings you the art and science of your most beautiful smile from his own in house, Sunshine Smiles Lab with the creation of Sunshine Smiles Aligners brand of clear braces. Get started within 3 days of your FREE consult. No 4-6 week wait for an outside lab!

Sunshine Smiles Aligners gives you:

  • Lowest down payment options
  • Fastest track to your results
  • Clearest, “most invisible” of all the aligners we offer
  • Refinements produced at any moment
  • Custom, intelligent and precise smile results


Invisalign took the braces industry by storm over twenty years ago with their introduction of clear braces – now known as clear aligners – and they’re still going strong. As trendsetters in their industry, they continue to develop and provide a lifetime of results. Doctor Mansour is an Elite Invisalign provider and is happy to work with you to determine how Invisalign can help you reach your orthodontic goals with these popular invisible braces.


What Dr. Mansour and his team love about Spark brand clear aligners is they’re super clear and comfortable. With polished edges and ahead of the curve technology, you’ll find these invisible braces truly hard to see and feel. With revolutionary technology, Spark’s clear braces may be the perfect choice for you!

How you get started

Dr. Mansour and his team evaluates each case individually. Once your treatment plan is set through x-rays, exam and 3D iTero scan and you’ve signed on to enter into treatment (we do this all in one appointment), we give the Invisalign or Spark lab the go ahead. Your full set of clear aligners will be 3D printed and delivered to our office within 4-6 weeks. If you’ve selected Sunshine Smiles Aligners brand, you can get started within a few days of your free consult. We 3D print Sunshine Smiles Aligners right in our in-house lab!

Whichever brand you choose, Dr. Mansour and the Sunshine Smiles Orthodontics team is here to guide you every step of the way through your beautiful smile journey. Our Virtual Distance Monitoring service is available for all of the clear aligners brands we offer and allows us to see you weekly no matter what treatment path you’re on!

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