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Sunshine Smiles has its roots in Orthodontic treatment. In the clinic, Dr. Ahmed Mansour, Orthodontist brings his passion for perfection to the table for every patient. You will notice that our team of doctors wants you or your child’s orthodontic treatment to be on point. It is his number one priority. That is his genius in action! We love his focus on his patient’s results and the precision he brings through experience, innate understanding and use of cutting-edge technology to create dynamic smiles. That is the expert you want designing, supervising, and delivering on a treatment plan for you and your kids!

From aligning the jaw for a better bite, relieving pain, straightening, making room and/or tightening gaps between teeth, a smile makeover to a full mouth reconstruction, you are in the right hands. 

As the Hudson Valley’s leading orthodontic experts, Sunshine Smiles are the stars of aligning, straightening, widening and/or tightening teeth in a way that’s healthy, comfortable, affordable, AND fast. We’re also the team of teams when it comes to making you feel relaxed in the treatment chair and as excited as we are for your results. It’s a journey. It is a worthy investment in your confidence and health. 

We offer orthodontic treatment options such as metal braces, clear aligners, retainers, devices and treatments for all ages and circumstances.

What do you want to know?

There are many questions patients and parents have when making the decision to enter orthodontic treatment. Our treatment coordinators work side by side with our team of doctors to give you the answers you need to fully understand you or your child’s unique situation and treatment plan. They work with our insurance and finance department to help you every step of the way. We have a team of dental specialists to consult with for complex cases or multiple treatments to reach your best health and most beautiful smile goals. We have the experience, skill, and technology to see what you cannot and create what you may not have thought was possible for you and your family. 

Start now with a FREE consultation to include 3D X-rays, iTero Scan and full treatment plan with no commitment to enter treatment.

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