Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

When is keeping wisdom teeth unwise?

Wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 17-25. Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, but most times it is the best course of action. Not all wisdom teeth emerge due to getting caught up on the jawbone. This is what is called impacted wisdom teeth. Most people have four wisdom teeth that come in in the back of the mouth creating a 3rd set of molars. This can cause pain and problems due to there being only so much room for four more teeth to make their way in! When wisdom teeth bully their way in, it results in crowding that pushes other teeth and/or your upper and lower bite out of alignment.

Not removing wisdom teeth can not only create the need for orthodontic treatment, or worse, re-treatment to straighten now mis-aligned teeth or bite, but cause decay, cavities and damage that causes pain, difficulty chewing and invasive, costly dental treatments down the road.

Age 15+

If your adolescent is approaching the age of 16, it’s time to come in and have a FREE wisdom teeth surgical consultation at Sunshine Smiles. Through x-rays and examination, we can determine if your teenager’s wisdom teeth are impacted and/or need to be removed. It is often beneficial to remove wisdom teeth in adolescence, before the roots and bone are fully formed. Younger adults generally recover faster after oral surgery. Sunshine Smiles team of dental specialists can evaluate a teenager’s wisdom teeth before they even start to erupt. If no wisdom teeth extractions are recommended, we monitor development and progress to assure no bone, bite or other teeth are being compromised. Please call us at 845-592-2292 to schedule a FREE Wisdom Teeth Surgical Consultation.

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What if my wisdom teeth are impacted?

When wisdom teeth do not emerge or only partially emerge from the gums, complications can occur. Impacted wisdom teeth must be assessed by an oral surgeon through X-ray and exam to determine if an extraction of the impacted wisdom teeth is the best course of treatment to eliminate pain, potential for cysts to erupt or there is potential to compromise other teeth. To learn more about impacted wisdom teeth click here.

What if I have room for my wisdom teeth?

When wisdom teeth have room to come in, they emerge far back in the jaw. This makes cleaning and caring for your wisdom teeth difficult which often results in destructive decay or infection. Waiting on having wisdom teeth extracted until there’s pain, decay or infection can prove regrettable and costly. Due to their far back in the jaw location and the fact that they usually come in on an angle, not straight down like your other teeth makes them very high maintenance. Extra care is required and is often neglected or simply not enough when it comes to cleaning and caring for wisdom teeth that have fully emerged. Skillful brushing and flossing, routine exams and x-rays with your dentist and consistent prophylactic cleanings with your dental hygienist are imperative for trouble making wisdom teeth.

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Is wisdom teeth extraction painful?

Our oral surgeon, Dr. Marcello Gulglielmi, has extensive experience in wisdom teeth extractions and sedation to make removing wisdom teeth a painless and low stress experience. Our team of dental professionals in the clinic will assist in making sure you or your child gets the comfort and support needed to get through wisdom teeth extraction. We know having teeth pulled can be unsettling and for some people, downright stressful. We’re here for you and your family the whole way through.
If your dentist has referred you for wisdom teeth consultation or extraction, please call us at 845-592-2292 to schedule either your FREE consult that includes exam and x-ray or extraction procedure.

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