Biopsy Hard And Soft Tissue

Biopsy Hard & Soft Tissue

If your dentist has identified an unusual or abnormal area in your mouth that requires a specialist, a hard or soft tissue biopsy performed by an oral surgeon is needed.
Dr. Guglielmi will biopsy the tissue and have it sent for testing at a laboratory to obtain the information that is needed. An accurate diagnosis can only be made through biopsy. Minimizing the impact on the area is a priority. Patient comfort is always at the forefront of every procedure at Sunshine Smiles.

Lesions can interfere with talking and eating. They could potentially lead to bigger oral health problems in the future. In some cases, lesions are removed for aesthetic reasons. Other circumstances may require a biopsy to determine if oral cancer is present.

Dr. Guglielmi has performed over 200 oncology surgeries. You are in the right hands whether it’s been determined that you want something removed for aesthetic reasons or you need a highly trained and experienced professional to guide you through an oral cancer diagnosis to good health and the best possible results.

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