Ages 7-12

AGES 7-12

At this age, kids are in what is called a “mixed stage” of oral development. Their baby teeth are in (erupted), they start losing them (exfoliating) resulting in their permanent teeth coming right behind. This is a crucial time in oral health care. There is a lot going on at once and a lot of oral health pitfalls to prevent. Visits to your Pediatric Dentist are crucial. Those permanent teeth don’t brush themselves!

“Your child is going to need their smile in life and we’re here to help them keep it, fix it and be proud of it no matter where they are in their dental journey.”

What do friends, caretakers and lunch monitors have to do with your child’s dental health? Not enough.

Kids at this stage of development are increasingly exposed to sugary drinks and snacks that attack teeth whether they’re at home, school or with a friend or caretaker. This age group needs prompting to make good decisions and care for their teeth, but don’t always have Mom and Dad’s eyes on them. At this time, your child is finding their independence when what they also need to find is their dental floss to get that Tootsie Roll stuck between their back molars out! 

We help them understand the consequences of sweets, treats and neglecting dental hygiene. With Mom and Dad’s help, we help them learn how to stay on top of it and master brushing, flossing, and making good decisions. Proper daily dental care and regular visits to their pediatric dentist is imperative for a bright, healthy smile that exudes confidence, not cavities.

Early Treatment


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Dr. Sung, our Pediatric Dentist knows the ins and outs of helping kids smile through their routine exams and not so routine procedures when they need help. 

Providing Correction, Repair and Treatment:

  • Repair of cavities with white fillings
  • Treat and manage tooth decay
  • Pulpotomy (baby tooth root canal) when a cavity is too big/deep
  • Extractions only when necessary, for health and function 
  • Management of periodontal issues and gum disease
  • Treatment of dental issues due to disease or medications
  • Treatment due to trauma: falls, accidents that loosen, crack, or knock out teeth
  • Will consult with our team of experts for your child on complex cases 

We’ve treated thousands of kids under the best and not best dental health conditions. We deeply understand that when kids feel safe and confident at the dentist in uncomfortable moments, they can get the treatment they need. When adults feel safe and confident in uncomfortable moments at their child’s dentist, they can make good decisions for them.

Dr. Sung will routinely provide:

  • Comprehensive dental exams
  • 3D or digital X-rays when due (age 2+) 
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases like diabetes, congenital heart defect, asthma, allergies, and ADD/ADHD
  • Assess fluoride intake
  • Age-appropriate nutrition recommendations
  • Demonstrate age-appropriate teeth/gum cleaning
  • Dental cleaning (prophylaxis) with one of our Registered Dental Hygienists every six months
  • Protect molars with sealants
  • Habit counseling such as pencil chewing, using their teeth tools and nail biting and the importance of mouthguards for sports kids and thrill seekers
  • Free, full Orthodontic Consultation with Dr. Ahmed Mansour, Orthodontist
  • Counsel on how to deal with injuries that crack, loosen or knock out their teeth

Our team of clinicians will teach your child how to properly brush, floss and protect their teeth. We will give you tips, tools, and techniques to support getting them on board and motivated with their daily dental care at home. And we will repeat it! We get it! They need to hear that their smiles are worth it… over and over. With your support, we can keep your child smiling big and avoiding unnecessary, costly, and painful procedures over their lifetime. Habits start now. Let’s make them good! 

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Age 7+
Time for a Free Early Orthodontic Screening

At ages 7+, it’s time to evaluate your child’s orthodontic development. Our team of doctors, offers a full exam, 3D X-rays and evaluation at no charge to assess your child’s jaw, bite, teeth alignment and what can be seen only by X-ray and an experienced specialist of our team of doctors caliber. He can predict, correct, and keep our team of eyes on your child’s growing and changing structure, function, and smile aesthetics. Click here to learn more about Early Orthodontic Screening and schedule your child’s FREE Consult today.

Children with Special Needs

Dr. Sung, our Pediatric Dentist is experienced, prepared and welcomes children with special needs. Sunshine Smiles can adapt dental treatment for children with physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment or limiting conditions.  

For children significantly affected by environment or stress, Dr. Sung uses specific techniques, knowledge, and care. We will provide accommodations that reduce sensory overload to meet your child where they’re at. We are happy to slow things down, have your child come in several times and build trust prior to receiving treatment. When they’re ready, we will begin dental care as we continue to build a heart-centered relationship with your child through their dental journey.

“Thank you to Dr. Mansour, and his staff for an outstanding job on my daughter’s teeth! Her treatment was personalized and perfect! The staff was able to help her through her oral sensory issues and make her feel comfortable.”

What if my child has a cavity and won’t let you treat them?

We know that some children are just too scared or developmentally “not ready”. If your child is experiencing a cavity that needs to be filled and is absolute with their refusal or unreadiness to be treated, we have an alternative. Dr. Sung utilizes silver diamide fluoride. This is a varnish that can be applied to teeth to combat a cavity and keep it from progressing until your child is emotionally mature enough or ready enough to undergo treatment. There is always a way to support your child’s dental journey. Experienced experts are the key!

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