Ages 0-6

Babes and Little Ones (Ages 0-6)

Who doesn’t love the sight of a baby’s first tooth erupting through that gummy grin? The truth is those budding pearly whites need expert help to grow into a set of happy, healthy teeth that last a lifetime. In fact, the earlier a child can visit a┬ápediatric dentist┬áthe better: regular exposure to dental treatment will make the experience easier for everyone in the room!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises scheduling baby’s first exam when that first tooth comes in (or by their first birthday) and continuing visits every six months. These early exams enable the pediatric dentist to catch problems when they are more easily treatable, and to give parents advice on oral health specific to mini mouths.

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First Impressions Set the Stage for Great Oral Health

Here at Sunshine Smiles, we understand the dentist can be a strange and scary place for tiny tots. As a result, we do everything in our power to put your babe or toddler at ease and to leave a positive first impression. From using smaller tools, a Pediatric Dentistry trained, gentle approach and a little help from Mom, Dad, or caregiver, we aim to set your little one up for a childhood of stress-free trips to the pediatric dentist. You can help us reach this goal together by preparing your child beforehand.

Pro Tips: Prepping Little Ones for the Pediatric Dentist

  • Schedule your appointment for a time when your child is fed, rested, and most likely to cooperate.
  • Respond to your child’s questions and worries about the exam with understanding and encouragement.  
  • Choose positive language to describe the pediatric dental exam. Avoid words like “hurt,” “pain,” “shot,” and “sharp.”
  • Keep any negative dental experiences of your own to yourself.
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What to Expect from your child’s visit with Dr. Sung, Pediatric Dentist

  • Comprehensive dental exam
  • Digital X-rays (age 2+)    
  • Age-appropriate nutrition recommendations 
  • Assess oral conditions associated with diseases like diabetes, congenital heart defect, asthma, allergies, and ADD/ADHD
  • Assess fluoride intake 
  • Demonstrate age-appropriate teeth/gum cleaning  
  • Gently remove stains or deposits on your child’s teeth (no scary tools necessary!)
  • Evaluate potential tooth decay from thumb sucking, pacifier, bottle, and sippy cup use

Providing Correction, Repair and Treatment:

  • Repair of cavities with white fillings
  • Treat and manage tooth decay
  • Pulpotomy (baby tooth root canal) when a cavity is too big/deep
  • Extractions only when necessary, for health and function 
  • Management of periodontal issues and gum disease
  • Treatment of dental issues due to disease or medications
  • Treatment due to trauma: falls, accidents that loosen, crack, or knock out teeth
  • Will consult with our team of experts for your child on complex cases

Dr. Sung, our Pediatric Dentist knows the ins and outs of helping kids smile through their routine exams and not so routine procedures when they need help. 

We’ve treated thousands of kids under the best and not best dental health conditions. We deeply understand that when kids feel safe and confident at the dentist in uncomfortable moments, they can get the treatment they need. When adults feel safe and confident in uncomfortable moments at their child’s dentist, they can make good decisions for them.

Children with Special Needs

Dr. Sung, our Pediatric Dentist is experienced, prepared and welcomes children with special needs. Sunshine Smiles can adapt dental treatment for children with physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment or limiting conditions.  

For children significantly affected by environment or stress, Dr. Sung uses specific techniques, knowledge, and care. We will provide accommodations that reduce sensory overload to meet your child where they’re at. We are happy to slow things down, have your child come in several times and build trust prior to receiving treatment. When they’re ready, we will begin dental care as we continue to build a heart-centered relationship with your child through their dental journey.

“My kids love this place! You can tell everyone loves kids and making beautiful smiles! Highly recommend Sunshine Smiles.”

What if my child has a cavity and is too scared or upset to let you treat them?

Age 0-6 can be what is called in Pediatric Dentistry “pre-cooperative”. Little one’s can be just too scared or developmentally “not ready” for procedures that involves a dental drill or numbing. If your child is experiencing a cavity that needs to be filled and is absolute with their refusal or unreadiness to be treated, we have an alternative. Dr. Sung utilizes silver diamide fluoride. This is a varnish that can be applied to teeth with a brush to combat a cavity and keep it from progressing until your child is emotionally mature enough or ready enough to undergo treatment. There is always a way to support your child’s dental journey. Experienced experts are the key! We do everything possible to not feed your child’s fear with forced treatment and instead find ways to support them to good health.

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Pediatric dental exams are essential to babes and toddlers’ healthy development. Protect your little one’s adorable smile and those baby teeth from future harm: call us at 845-592-2292 to book your first visit with Dr. Sung, our Pediatric Dentist, and the Sunshine Smiles team.

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