What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers, also referred to as porcelain veneers, are ultra-thin, custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of your teeth. Dental veneers have the ability to change the color, shape, size or length of your teeth to create a truly resilient, beautiful, transformative result.

Why you would choose veneers

  • You want to transform teeth that are misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped
  • You want to give worn down teeth their length back
  • You want to renew the appearance of chipped or broken teeth
  • You want to close gaps between your teeth
  • You want to give discolored teeth due to treatments or medications a new life
  • You want a stronger material and more natural look than crowns
  • You want a straighter smile without braces or clear aligners
  • You want a tighter teeth appearance
  • You want a bright smile that resists staining
  • You want a stunning smile because that’s what you want
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How Veneers Work

Your smile transformation starts with a comprehensive consultation with Sunshine Smiles Prosthodontist, Dr. Rodolfo Sanchez. Please call us at 845-592-2292 to schedule your consult with Dr. Sanchez.

What to Expect:

  • Full exam of your teeth, mouth and natural smile
  • X-rays
  • 3D iTero Scan
  • Time to express what you envision for your results
  • Digital Smile Design to see your end result on screen
  • Complete Treatment Plan
  • Discuss cost of your veneers and payment options
  • All of your questions answered

1.  Treatment planning

After Dr. Sanchez has examined, taken your X-rays, scan and photos, it’s time to get to what’s possible for your smile with veneers. Veneers are a very uncomplicated process for the patient. After your Comprehensive Consultation, you will have your finished veneer results in 2 appointments.

Clarity and Communication Get Best Results

Dr. Sanchez wants to hear from you. Based on many years of experience as a prosthodontist, he knows that patients know what they want and what they like and dislike, but it’s up to you to express your desires to help him use his expertise and artistry to get you there. He will help you consider things you may not have thought about or didn’t even know was possible for you with veneers. It is quite fascinating and fantastic to design a smile that makes you smile big from the inside out!

“Working with so many unique people has helped me approach all people as individuals with their own goals and dreams.” 
-Dr. Rodolfo Sanchez, Prosthodontist, Sunshine Smiles

Digital Smile Design

After you and Dr. Sanchez have fully discussed and assessed what’s possible, he will take your photos. With these photos, he will use the software application, Digital Smile Design to show you your results on screen. First off, you’ll be amazed. Second, you can discuss what you love about your virtual results or what you may have concerns about. Tell Dr. Sanchez if there’s anything you wish to be different and why so he can adjust from there. This is the beauty of Digital Smile Design. You can see and adjust to ensure a stunning end result. Dr. Sanchez’ goal is to give you a smile you love.


2.  Preparing for Your Veneers

Once you have agreed with going forward with your smile transformation, you will be scheduled for a veneer prep appointment to get ready for your permanent veneers. At this appointment, Dr. Sanchez will remove a very thin layer of your teeth to ensure that your teeth are even, and that the veneer is able to adhere properly to the surface of your tooth with the most natural appearance.

Dr. Sanchez will make a model of your teeth to prepare for the creation of your new, custom, porcelain veneers. These models will be sent to a dental laboratory, and we will usually receive your veneers back from the lab in 2-4 weeks.

Dr. Sanchez will make temporary veneers that will be adhered to your prepped teeth at this time. You will be instructed on what the best foods to bite, chew and eat are. Your temporary veneers are rarely problematic. You just need to be aware that you are wearing temporaries. Most people are quite happy with the look and feel of their temporary veneers. Just wait until you receive your custom veneers with the luster and transformative results, they give you!

At this time, it may also be recommended in your treatment plan that you undergo professional teeth whitening in our office to get your desired result and be sure your new veneers are a color match to your natural teeth.

3.  Veneer Placement

Today is the day! You will have your custom porcelain veneers placed! One tooth or many teeth can undergo the veneering process at the same time. Dr. Sanchez will carefully remove your temporary veneers and apply your new, custom, porcelain veneers.

Dr. Sanchez will place the veneer on your tooth to examine its fit and color. He will remove and trim the veneer to achieve the proper fit, before permanently cementing it to your tooth. Next, to prepare your tooth to receive the veneer, your tooth will be cleaned, polished, and etched. Etching roughens the tooth to allow for a strong bonding process. A special cement is applied to the veneer and it is then placed on your tooth. Once the veneer is properly positioned, Dr; Sanchez will shine a special light beam on it to activate chemicals in the cement, causing it to harden very quickly.

The final steps involve removing any excess cement, checking your bite and making any needed adjustments. Dr. Sanchez may have you return for a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks to check your gums, the veneer’s placement and make any needed adjustments after you have lived with your new porcelain veneers.

Before and After Veneer Results

We are so excited that you are on your smile journey with us. We are the leading experts and smile transformation specialists in the Hudson Valley. We provide you with the experience, expertise and technology to create the smile you’ve always wanted. Please call us at 845-592-2292 to inquire and schedule your Comprehensive Veneer Consultation with Dr. Sanchez.

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