Smile Makeover

What a Smile Makeover Can Give You

Do you look at other people’s smiles and wish yours had that same stunning appeal? Do you hide your smile in photos or when you’re speaking? Have you wanted to transform your smile but felt guilty about going for it… until now? Do you have things you want to accomplish and know that how you look affects how you’re perceived?

Why most people consider a smile makeover:

  • You’re advancing your career and want to show up with your best smile
  • You’re on social media and need photos and videos to align with your brand
  • You have a special event, a wedding, awards ceremony, etc.  
  • You need to be on screen or stage 
  • You’re seeking a relationship and want to make your best, most confident impression
  • You’ve entered into preparing for or becoming a public figure
  • You want to give yourself a younger, vibrant look
  • It’s you time now
  • You know you’re worth it and you want it
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Your reason(s) for wanting to improve the aesthetics of your smile is unique to you. Our Digital Smile Design technology allows you to see and feel the difference your beautiful smile can make before you begin your transformation. 

We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of helping thousands of patients experience the confidence and results they desire. 

Call us at 845-592-2292 to speak with a Scheduling Coordinator, get all of your questions answered and schedule your Smile Makeover Consultation.

Before and After Veneer Results

What to Expect: Your Consultation

  • Comprehensive dental exam and evaluation
  • 3D X-rays
  • 3D iTero Scan 
  • Photos taken 
  • Detailed discussion about your desired results
  • You will return or engage in a virtual consult where Dr. Sanchez will show you your Digital Smile Design on screen 
  • Dr. Sanchez will go over your complete Smile Makeover treatment plan
  • You will get all of your questions answered 
  • Your Treatment Coordinator will go over cost of treatment and financing options
  • If you have dental insurance, we will submit a pre-authorization for potential benefits through your plan

A Smile Makeover is transformative both aesthetically and psychologically. When you have your confident, beautiful smile with you at all times, you can accomplish just about anything!

The Art & Science of a Beautiful Smile


Dr. Rodolfo Sanchez, Sunshine Smiles Prosthodontist is a cosmetic and restorative dental specialist. A prosthodontist has at least three additional years of advanced training and education in a CODA-accredited prosthodontic graduate program post dental school. They specialize in treating dental and facial problems that involve restoring a missing tooth/teeth and jaw structures. A prosthodontist is highly trained in cosmetics, veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD) and beyond. 

All roads to a smile you love start with a consultation. Please call us to schedule your Smile Makeover consultation with Dr. Sanchez, Prosthodontist at 845-592-2292.

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