Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Sunshine Smiles offers the latest and most effective procedures to restore most of the damage caused by decay, tooth fractures and missing teeth. A dental crown is a porcelain “cap” that is placed on top of an existing tooth that is too unstable to be on its own. 
A dental crown is not a replacement for a missing tooth or an alternative to a dental implant. A tooth must be present to be “capped”. If you are in need of replacing a missing tooth or teeth, schedule to see us for a restorative consultation. Dr. Sanchez will go over all of your options to include the potential of a dental implant, dental bridge, denture, or best option for your unique circumstances and financial situation.


  • You need a root canal or have had a root canal treatment done. Root canals cause the tooth to become unstable and brittle. Without the application of a supportive and protective dental crown, you run the risk of the existing tooth breaking under pressure during biting and chewing. 
  • You have a tooth that is broken and too unstable to withstand biting and chewing. You want to save your existing tooth and not be overly cautious or choose to not eat foods for fear of losing the broken tooth completely. 
  • You have an older crown that is fractured, or you are experiencing decay and need it replaced. 
  • You want to replace an existing dental crown for aesthetic reasons.
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  1. CONSULTATION: During your consultation we will examine, take 3D X-rays, a 3D scan and design a treatment plan that will give you the best possible results.
  2. PREP: First treatment visit, Dr. Sanchez will prepare the tooth by removing all decay and very carefully clean the area of debris. Once the tooth and area are free of all decay or debris, Dr. Sanchez will make an impression of your tooth to be sent to the laboratory to have your permanent dental crown fabricated with a matching tooth color for optimum aesthetics. Dr. Sanchez will cement a temporary crown over the surface of your tooth to keep it clean, stable and protect it until your permanent dental crown is ready.
  3. PLACEMENT: On your second visit, your permanent crown will be placed. Dr. Sanchez will ensure your permanent crown is just right. He is skilled in the artistry of precise sculpting of dental crowns for a pristine fit.


If you have a dental crown that has come off, this is considered a dental emergency. Call us at 845-592-2292 immediately. It is imperative to give your tooth the sterile environment that your dental crown provides. If you are out of town or unable to get into the office, you can buy a temporary over the counter cement at your nearest pharmacy and come in to have your dental crown properly cemented in place by one of our specialists. Do not run the risk of losing your tooth by waiting. We are here to help.


If you know that you need a new dental crown, replacement, or solution to a restorative or cosmetic dental issue, Sunshine Smiles specialists can help. We offer the highest level of skill, experience, and technological advances to get you out of pain, able to chew and bite with the highest level of aesthetic results. Call us at 845-592-2292 today to speak with a scheduling coordinator and get you on the path to smiling big.

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